A lover of dance, travel, adventure, play, nature and living life from the heart!

Sharon is a Feminine Embodiment Teacher and Intuitive Energy Healer for Heart Centred Entrepreneurs and Creatives who want to create and manifest a high quality of life they love.

She brings an eclectic mix of both traditional psychology and cutting edge energy medicine/tantra healing practices.

Her energy healing and intuitive readings started back in 2001 and she now travels frequently to offer her 1:1 healing & creative sessions  around the world.

She is a lover of dance, travel, adventure, play, nature and living life from the heart.

As a manifestor in Human Design, her sessions spark significant transformations for her clients.


  • Tantra & Energy Medicine (since 2001)
  • Certified Health & Wellbeing Consultant
  • Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Certified in Psychology & Counselling
  • Certified Energy Healer
  • Certified Crystal Healer
  • Certified EFT & Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner
  • Certified Quality Facilitator of Change
  • Dance Therapy, Energy Medicine, EFT & Coaching ~ NHS UK

Sacred HEaling Journey

In 2001, after going through her own transformational journey, Sharon's spiritual awakening led her to train in many different energy medicine, healing, creative expression, coaching and manifesting techniques. 

For a number of years, she held Celtic circle gatherings in the UK, which included the healing arts, energy medicine, nature ceremonies and intuitive readings. She followed the ancient wisdom of living in tune with the different seasons, elements in nature and within ourselves.

With a love for dance, in 2003, Sharon moved to Spain for a year to learn latin dance and experience the vibrancy of the Spanish culture.

In 2009, she experienced her own wellbeing and quality of life difficulties after being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, severe depression and burnout.

Sharon went on a sacred healing journey using the tools and wisdom she had learnt over the years and healed herself naturally. She now shares these feminine embodiment tools in private sessions and international retreats.

Sharon's gifts are her natural healing and manifesting energy, intuitive insights and the ability to see people's gifts, qualities and essence. She holds a safe and secure space for transformation.

She is a healer for Heart Centred Creatives, Coaches and Consultants who want to heal the blocks holding them back and manifest a high quality of life they love in alignment with their own unique soul.

Sacred Healing Journey

This sacred healing journey took me to many spiritual places around the world and opened me up to my own spirituality & healing gifts... I look forward to offering International Retreats to these places I discovered below!

sacred journey to thailand 2011

sacred journey to glastonbury, UK ~ Beltane 2011 (ANd many others!)

Sacred Journey to Andalucia, Spain 2015

Sacred Journey to Sedona, Arizona 2015